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Luxury Wilderness Day

🕚 10.00 all day

📅 booked by contact

📍Start from Siikakämä


(* A minimum of 2 adults or a price of 2 is required to complete this activity)

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You are about to experience luxury in the authentic Lapland wilderness. This day consists of elements that are traditional but nowadays luxury even for locals. 


The day starts from our home, Siikakämä. Where we offer you a small welcoming treat. Before we head off by snowmobile through the wilderness to our wilderness cottage called Lompero. We will guide you to dress for the weather and today's adventures. On the way to Lompero you will sit comfortably in a sleigh warmed by reindeer fur, admiring the beauty of Lapland's nature in the daytime.


At Lompero, we will go ice-fishing or snowshoeing in the middle of the wilderness, depending on your choice. On an ice-fishing you will learn to fish like a local and on a snowshoe excursion you will get to know the wild life of the Lappish wilderness. After ice-fishing or snowshoeing, we will enjoy lunch prepared by fire in the hut kitchen.


Blazed fish, foil potatoes and beetroot salad.

Black pot coffee and cake.

The day continues with pampering. The plot has a traditional wood-heated smoke sauna that has been heating up since morning. A smoke sauna is a very special sauna that differs from a normal sauna in that it does not have a chimney and there is no fire in the sauna during the sauna session. Contrary to the name, there is no smoke inside the smoke sauna. It has been removed when the sauna is ready. In the smoke sauna, you can also have a traditional peat treatment for your skin, which has many health benefits. In the smoke sauna, with it's atmosphere , the treatments, the smell of the smoke, the gentle steaming and the total silance you will dive deep into the authentic atmosphere of Lapland. And that's not all. During the pampering session, In your use you also have a traditional wood-heated sauna.  There you can get treated with the "saunavasta". Saunavasta is a whip made of birch branches that is used in the sauna. Locals believe it is good for improving blood circulation. Along with the sauna, it's good to cool down from time to time. What could be better than jumping into the icy wilderness pond, which is located right next to the saunas. You get to try two different wilderness saunas, sauna treatments, swimming in the frozen pond, which we will guide you through before taking a saunas.

Fresh from the sauna, you arrive at the main cabin by the fireplace, where a ready-made table awaits you. The atmosphere is filled with lappish drumming, which allows you to experience a wilderness ceremony that takes over your body and mind. In the light of candles and fireplace you will enjoy a three-course Lapland meal together with us.


Cocktail bites from Lapland's natural products

(smoked  reideer roll,cold smoked salmon roll, fish roe cup, dry meat, cranberry jelly)

Sauteed reindeer or moose with mashed potatoes  with side dishes

Lapland bread cheese and cloudberries


At the end of the evening, we travel through the dark wilderness by snowmobile back to the Siikakämä.  On the way, it is good to keep an eye on the northern sky because the northern lights on this surrounding can be magical. 

This activity includes:

* Welcoming treat

* Guided winter dress - winter coverall possible to borrow

* Snowmobile sledge trips by daylight and dark through the wilderness

*Ice-fishing or snowshoing session by your choice. The session includes guidance and equipment.

* Lunch

* Wood-heated smoke sauna session and guidance.

* Peat treatment in smoke sauna.

* Wood-heated traditional sauna and guidance.

* "saunavasta"

* Detergents, towels and drinking water

* Ice swimming and guidance. (Hox! Take your own swimsuit, socks and hat for swimming)

* Wilderness ceremony

* Three-course meal

* An unforgettable experience for all day in the genuine Lappish wilderness.

Points to note:

* A minimum of 2 adults or a price of 2 is required to complete this activity.

* Our guests staying at Taavetti cottage, Siikkis cabin and Kaamos apartment receive a -10% discount on the experience packages on the list. 

* After the price for two adults, children under 12 years get -50%.

* Maximum four people or as separately agreed.

* Activity available during safe snow and ice conditions. 

* Booking enquiries and reservations are made by contacting us.

* This activity is private. Once the booking fee or payment has been made, the calendar day will be closed and reserved for you.

* This activity takes place in a siikakämä and Lompero (from Rovaniemi ~60 km Ranua ~50km). You will receive more detailed driving instructions upon booking confirmation. 

* Transportation must be arranged separately and is not included in the price. (Pickup and drop off from Rovaniemi at an additional cost of 70€/car)

* We offer home made food. Please let us know in your booking if you have any dietary restrictions.

* You are free to enjoy your own alcoholic beverages if you wish.


Booking and booking enquiries

Send us a message and we will contact you shortly

*** There may be changes to the planned program if the weather in Lapland so requires.

*** The guests must have their own insurance and participate in the activities at their own risk, as instructed by the guide.

*** Prices include taxes payable in Finland.

*** Once the booking fee has been paid, the service is confirmed to you. The booking fee is 50% of the total amount of the invoice. The balance must be paid in advance or on the spot by cash or card before the service starts.

*** Cancellation policy: Receive a 100% refund if you cancel up to 7 days before the experience begins. If you cancel up to 3 days before, you can still receive a 50% refund.

*** The booking fee and payment can be paid in advance through the Pay Pal invoice, Zettle payment link by card and mobile wallets, by bank transfer to the accaunt. Payment on the spot can be made by card or cash.

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