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We Tailor Your Dream Day in Lapland

Each of our guests is special and deserves to have their dreams of Lapland come true. We tailor your dream Lapland day in a genuine wilderness setting or excursions to nearby destinations. Whether you dream of experiencing silence in the wilderness while hugging the trees, a proposal under the northern lights or spending your birthday with that special someone. You name it we make it happen.

Tailored programmes can last from several hours to a whole day or even overnight. Programmes include meals, experiences and, if necessary, transport. Programmes are designed for small groups on a case-by-case basis. In planning, we take into account the guests' own schedules and interests, merging them with the requirements of Lapland's nature and other conditions. The programme is designed to respect Lappishness and traditions.


The final price includes the planning work, work hours of your own guides and chef and taxes.

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Ideas for Your Day

Below are some ideas we can implement and incorporate into your dream day in Lapland



Want to experience the real wilderness of Lapland and learn about the animals, the nature, the seasons, how things work there.


Lappish Spa

Romantic spa, herbal sauna, ice bathing, hot tub, smoke sauna or how about just a traditional wood-fired sauna?


Lappish Food

Local ingredients, pure homemade lappish food. Small tastings, normal home cooking, a nice feast or just a typical picnic. Is it cooked over a fire or inside at the end of an outdoor day?


Winter Fishing

Winter net fishing, ice-fishing or hook fishing from under the ice. Which is your favourite or is it all?



Day or evening trips into the wilderness on a snowmobile, snowshoeing or walking, following the animals or your own trails. We can also make a fire and enjoy a picnic. 


Snow Construction

Learn how to build your own snow shelter or even a snow lantern to light up your evening.

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Hunting for Northern Lights

Go on an adventure into the wilderness to hunt the Northern Lights with a guide. Or relax under the northern skies and experience your favourite activities.



Meditate, hug the trees. Experience the silence, stop, breathe, sense. 


Work Shops

Make your own souvenirs out of reindeer antlers or things you found on your trip.


Elves' Adventure

Have you ever heard of forest or sauna elves? Do you know where to find them? What they can teach you about the nature and way of life in Lapland. 



Indulge yourself with Lapland herbs in the sauna. Relax by the fire with the drumming of a wilderness ceremony and let your body's energy float. 


Visits to places in the surrounding area

Visit nearby attractions with your own guide, combined with, for example, dining and sauna at The Heart of Lapland.



Learn how to cook your own Lapland delicacies together with a Lapland family at their home.



Surprise your travelling companion for a proposal, birthday or wedding anniversary, for example.


Private husky ride in the wilderness

A private husky tour in cooperation with the local Arctic borealis huskies. We can arrange a ride as part of your day or make a separate visit to the husky farm.


Private reideer farm visit

Private reindeer farm visit. Get to know the local reindeer farm and its life.

I am Interested. What shoud I to do next?

Contact us and tell us your wishes for your Lapland Dream Day and

we will contact you shortly for further planning.

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