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About Us

Meet a Lappish Family and Get to Know Their Way of Lifestyle Surrounded by the Nature of Lapland.

In 2018, just before the convid19, we started hosting guests on a hobby basis. However, over the years we discovered how nice it was to spend days with our guests doing the things that our family usually does. Activities became liked and desired and we spent more and more time planning unforgettable experiences for our guests within the framework we had built over the years.


Winter 2022-2023 will be our first official small business winter season. But in the future, you can also visit us in the summer to discover our family's summer activities. At the heart of our business is respect for surrounding nature, tradition and our family's way of life. That's the main reason why we only offer experiences to small groups and privately. This also allows us to offer very special experiences to our guests, something that is hard to find anywhere else.


We have put together our most popular experience packages for you to choose from so you can experience the true Heart of Lapland with us. We also want to use our experience to design tailor-made packages to offer even more special experiences for those who have something special on their mind.


Our goal is to offer our guests authentic Lappish experiences based on the lifestyle we live in surrounded by nature. Our family has a lifestyle by hunting, fishing and collecting berries, mushrooms and herbs. These sources you can find from your plate when you visit us and you get to change to learn the activities the way we do them.  We have been living in the area for decates and we been building the framework for this service for years by our own hands from the local materials. With our Lappish ancestry, the lessons and knowledge of the past have been passed down with us. 

Meet The Family

The Heart of Lapland and its Locations


Home of the Heart of lapland - Rovaniemi is located in a small Lapland village called Siikakämä. Siikakämä is located between Rovaniemi (60km) and Ranua (50 km), less than an hour's drive from lively Rovaniemi. The village gets its name from the lake around which it is located. The surrounding landscape is beutiful with its waters and forests. Siikakämä is a popular cottage area for locals in summer but the area is very quiet in winter. Some summer cottages can be seen on the lakeshore. Siikakämä village is inhabited by only a few permanent residents, our family is one of them. Our home is located on the shores of this beautiful Siikakämä lake which serves as the center of the Heart of Lapland. We organise activities for our guests in Siikakämä either partly or completely or they can start from Siikakämä. Siikakämä provides a good and traditional setting for our guests to experience the Lapland way of life and get to a little peek into the Lappish home.


In Siikakämä we have the opportunity to offer our guests for excemple delicious lappish treats, different fishing experiences, sauna and hot tub experiences. In the surrounding area, it is possible to go on various excursions, such as snowmobile sleigh rides or snowshoeing. From the shore of the Siikakämä lake, there is a direct view of the northern sky, which provides a good framework to see the northern lights as well.

Lompero wilderness cottage:


Lompero is our private property in the wilderness with the private land and pond, nearest neighbors are miles away. In the Lompero environment is a magical Lapland wilderness, where you can experience total silence, power of the Northern sky, the greatness of nature and wildlife.  To lompero wilderness cottage there is no visible address on the map. It is about 10km from Siikakämä in the middle of a real wilderness.  There is a private road to Lompero, which we maintain in winter largely with our own tractor. Lompero can also be reached by snowmobile  from siikakämä though the wilderness.


In Lompero we have a cabin that can be inhabited all year round without no electricity or running water. At Lompero we use fire in addition to wind and solar energy and gas. Drinking water is transported from our private well and washing water is carried from a pond. Building materials of the properties show a close-up of nature and a touch of our own hand. In Lompero Wilderness cottage has a smoke sauna, a wooden sauna, a hut kitchen and a main building. This makes it possible to organize varied programs in the authentic wilderness experiences such as hikes, meals, sauna experiences and other lifestyle experiences. The area is a great place to see the Northern Lights, moonlight and stars, as well as wildlife and the tracks left by them in the wilderness.



Activities start from Lompero or from the Siikakämä. You will receive information about the location of the event and driving directions at your booking.  Please note that there is no exact address for the Lompero wilderness cottage that is shown on the maps. The driving directions to the Heart of Lapland- Siikakämä and Lompero wilderness cottage can be found also behind these links ➡️ Siikakämä  ➡️ Lompero wilderness cottage



In addition, we have a siikkis guest cabin which is located on the same plot as our home in siikakämä, Rovaniemi town apartment Kaamos and  Taavetti wilderness cottage that are for rental use only.

Distances from Siikakämä / Siikkis:​

~60 km Rovaniemi  

~50 km Ranua 

~60 km Posio

~210 km Kittilä

~350 km Ivalo

190 km Oulu

800 km Helsinki

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