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Lappish life in the wilderness- All in one package

🕚 By arrangement/ 1, 2 or 3 nights

📅 Bookings by contacting

📍 Lompero wilderness cabin and surrounding wilderness

🔖 Starting price for two person / one night 1458€. The final price is determined by the contents of the package.

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This is an all inclusive package that offers the full experience of Lappish life in the wilderness, a unique and unforgettable experience of living in the wilderness, guided by a Lappish family. The package offers one, two, or three night stays, with a maximum of four people per package. Each night includes breakfast, a savory and Lappish meal made from local ingredients, and a minimum of two Lappish experiences or activities. Additionally, you'll have your own host available 24/7.


The host family's private Lompero wilderness ranch and its surroundings has the perfect place to experience lapland wilderness life. Lompero wilderness ranch is located in the middle of a pristine snowy winter wonderland. There you will experience complete silence and the gentle embrace of Lappish wilderness nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and light pollution.


While you're there, you'll have the opportunity to learn about the local culture and way of living in the wilderness. This is a great way to immerse yourself in the authentic Lapland surroundings and truly appreciate all that the area has to offer. Your host will take care of your safety and comfort throughout your stay. 


The accommodation is in a real wilderness cabin without electricity and running water, which is a great way to disconnect from the modern world and enjoy the natural surroundings. The main cabin is made from local wood and is located by a pond, with no neighbors for miles around. As there is no electricity or running water on the property, your host will take care of these needs for you.  During your visit, you will have a chance to learn traditional customs such as how to get water from an icy wilderness pond and how to wash without a shower in a sauna. In addition to the main cabin where you will be sleeping, the ranch also has a sauna building, a smoke sauna, a hut kitchen, and an outdoor toilet. This is truly a unique and peaceful place to stay, where you can enjoy the beauty of the wilderness without any distractions from the outside world.


This package includes the tailor-made program and a personalized experience and meals. Your host will organize at least two programs each day, which could be experiences or activities including equipment and guidance. Activities are based on the host's lifestyle and may include different winter fishing activities, wilderness excursions or various sauna pampering experiences. No matter which program you choose, you can expect to be surrounded by stunning natural beauty and to have the opportunity to connect with the wilderness in a meaningful way. The meals are prepared by a private cook with traditional Lappish recipes and local ingredients, giving you a taste of the local cuisine. The cook will prepare warm meals for you to enjoy either in the hut kitchen or inside the cabin, and breakfast will be served in the hut kitchen by the fire.

Let us make your Lapland wilderness experience a reality and contact us for more detailed planning.


Overall, this service provides a unique and authentic winter wilderness lifestyle experience, which is guided by a Lappish family. Below is an example of a three-day package. Prices for packages are entirely made up of the number of days, the content and the number of people.


Day 1.

* Lappish breakfast by the fire

* Gliding snowshoes excursion

* Savory by the campfire in the wilderness during the excursion

* Wood-heated sauna and ice swimming

* Blazed fish, foil potatoes and berry soup by the fire

Day 2.

* Lappish breakfast by the fire 

* Ice-fishing session on the wilderness pond

* Lappish savory, pancakes and jam by the fire 

* Lappish herb sauna and pampering with the local herbs

* Pike perch and mushroom stew, boiled potatoes, Lapland berries for dessert.

Day 3. 

* Independently doing activities that were learned in the previous days for exemple ice-fishing (own time). The day's programme of activities is geared towards the evening.

* Salmon sandwiches 

* Smoke sauna session and ice swimming.

* Three-course festive meal: Lappish Cocktail bites, Sauteed Reindeer, mashed potatoes with side dishes, lappish bread cheese with cloudberries.

* A trip to the wilderness on a snowmobile while sitting in a sleigh in the evening. Northern lights hunting trip.


This service includes:


  • Private session

  • Welcome treat 

  • Accommodation in a real wilderness cabin, without electricity and running water.

  • A guide on site 24/7 to ensure warmth and safety.

  • Tailor-made programme according to your wishes, including equipment and guidance by local expertise guide. 

  • Meals prepared by a private chef with traditional Lappish recipes and local ingredients.

  • Guided winter dress - winter coverall possible to borrow.

  • An authentic wilderness lifestyle experience that is hard to forget, guided by a Lappish family.

Points to note:

* A minimum of 2 adults or a price of 2 is required to complete this activity.

* After the price for two adults, children under 12 years get -50%.

* The cabin is only rented with 24/7 guide, meals and wilderness experiences. The guide will stay in a separate cottage on the Lompero ranch.

* Maximum 3 nights and 4 guests.

* The programme is fully customisable. It is possible to add activities or meals according to the needs of the guest. Day includes at least breakfast, savory and warm meal. Day includes at least two experiences. The price depends on the content and the number of services.

* The content of the days will be organized according to the conditions and constraints imposed by nature and the weather. The activities are based on the host family's way of life and respect for the surrounding nature.

* Booking enquiries and reservations are made by contacting us through email or website.

* This activity takes place in a Private Lompero wilderness cottage and nearby wilderness (from Rovaniemi ~60 km Ranua ~50km). You will receive more detailed driving instructions upon booking confirmation. 

* Transportation to the Lompero wilderness ranch can be arranged

* We offer home made food. Please also let us know in your booking if you have any dietary restrictions and if you prefer vegetarian versions. 

* If you have any health restrictions, please let us know before booking.

Booking and booking enquiries

Send us a message and we will contact you shortly

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