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Arctic Spa with Lappish treats

🕚 Day session at 2pm /

     Evening session at 9pm, 3hours

📅 Bookings by contacting

📍 Siikakämä

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Escape to a world and embrace yourself with the Arctic Spa experience. Immerse yourself in the gentle crackle of a wood fire, the soothing scent of nature, and the serenity of a lakeside setting right under the northern sky. Surrender yourself in pure relaxation as you bask in the warmth of our traditional wood-fired sauna and hot tub. For an authentic local experience, take a refreshing dip in the ice-cold waters of the lake through a specially crafted hole, just like the locals do. To enhance your spa journey, savor the exquisite flavors of Lappish cocktail bites carefully curated to transport you to the heart of Lapland.

Experience the ancient traditions of a wood-fired sauna by the tranquil lake, where time slows down. Indulge in the purest form of relaxation as you cleanse your body with traditional birch whip “sauna vasta” and eco-friendly natural detergents, embracing the traditional ritual of washing with pure spring water -  with no modern showers. Embrace the simplicity and reconnect with nature in this truly authentic Lapish sauna experience.  

Feel the soothing waters of our hot tub wash away your worries, as you indulge in a sensory experience while the Northern Lights and stars twinkle above you. Let the heat of the hot tub water and a soft arctic air flow gentle cleanse your body and soothe your soul, melting away stress. 

A beautifully lit path leads you to the lake ice. Dive into an authentic Lappish experience as you take a refreshing dip in our ice-cut lake, just like the locals do. Swimming in a hole cut in the lake ice is good for circulation and metabolism, helping to reduce inflammation and improve immune function. Swimming in natural waters can help improve mood and also reduce stress. In addition, open water swimming is highly energizing and helps to increase the body's ability to cope with stressful situations. 

To complete your Arctic spa adventure, savor the tantalizing flavors of our specially crafted Lappish cocktail bites. Each bite will transport your taste buds to a world of pure delight, showcasing the essence of Lapland's culinary heritage. 

Day and evening sessions are available. During the evening session, it is possible to see the northern lights. However, the northern lights are a natural phenomenon, so we cannot guarantee that they will be visible.


This service includes:


  • Private session

  • A welcome treat 

  • Traditional wood-fired lakeside sauna

  • Dipping in an icy lake 

  • Wood heated hot tub

  • Cocktail bites, a collection of traditional Lapland delicacies

  • Sauna drink, flavored spring water

  • Bath towel and hot tub hat. (Please bring your own swimsuit and extra socks for swimming in the lake)

  • Seat cloth for sauna

  • Ecological detergents

  • “Saunavasta” - a whip made of birch branches used in the sauna

  • Guidance on ice- bathing, sauna and hot tub

Points to note:

* A minimum of 2 adults or a price of 2 is required to complete this activity. 

* After the price for two adults, additional adults 102€ and children under 12 years get -50%., 51€.

* A maximum of six participants. Larger numbers of participants will be agreed separately.

* Booking enquiries and reservations are made by contacting us by email or via the website

* This activity is private. in private ranch.

* This activity takes place in a siikäkämä (from Rovaniemi ~60 km Ranua ~50km). You will receive more detailed driving instructions upon booking confirmation. 

* Transportation must be arranged separately and is not included in the price. (Pickup and drop off from Rovaniemi at an additional cost of 90€/car)

* We offer home made food. Please also let us know in your booking if you have any dietary restrictions and if you prefer vegetarian version. 

* If you have any health restrictions, please let us know before booking.

This experience can be combined with other experiences like ice- fishing or excursions to the wilderness. Ask us more!

Booking and booking enquiries

Send us a message and we will contact you shortly

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