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Wilderness day

🕚 Daily from midday to 7pm, ~7hours

📅 Bookings by contacting

📍 Starting from siikakämä, day in Lompero willderness

🔖 634€ two persons, additional person 223€

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Welcome to a snowy Wilderness Adventure for a day filled with thrilling snowmobile sled rides, awe-inspiring landscapes, delicious Lapish food, and authentic local experiences hosted by a local Lappish family. In this private and special experience, you'll have the opportunity to learn about Lappish traditions, customs, and way of life firsthand. 

As the day starts embark on a journey through a winter wonderland, as we traverse across a snowy landscape on our snowmobile sled ride. Sit back and relax on a sled enveloped in warm reindeer fur, providing the perfect blend of comfort and wilderness adventure.

Our destination is a private Lompero wilderness ranch, nestled deep within the serene wilderness. When we arrive at the ranch, a welcome black pot coffee by the fire awaits us. Upon arrival, you'll have the choice of two exciting activities. Strap on a pair of gliding snowshoes and venture into the snowy wilderness, exploring untouched landscapes and taking in the breathtaking views with your guide. Alternatively, join a local guide for a unique ice fishing experience on a frozen wilderness pond, learning their expert techniques for ice- fishing. Whichever activity you choose, you'll be rewarded with an unforgettable adventure and memories to treasure.

As the daylight hours progress, we'll head to a cozy wilderness hut kitchen, where a warm fire awaits. Indulge in a traditional Lappish meat stew meal prepared with local ingredients and family recipes. Allow your taste buds to savor the unique flavors of Lapland cuisine while sitting around the cozy fireplace, surrounded by the warmth of the family's hospitality. Indulge in a delicious dinner and share stories from the local lifestyle around the campfire and a sense of tranquility only found in the genuine wilderness.

As darkness falls, we'll climb aboard our snowmobiles sled once again for the exhilarating journey back through the dark wilderness. If lucky, witness the Northern Lights or stars lighting up the night sky as we navigate our way back to civilization. After a full day of adventure, we’ll return to Siikakämä, base camp.

Menu: Lapland meat stew with bite puree, cloudberry soup and caramel sauce


This service includes:

  • Private session

  • Welcoming treat 

  • Guidance on winter clothing - We will lend you winter gear if needed.

  • Snowmobile sledding ride through the wilderness to a wilderness pond and back to the starting point

  • Black pot coffee and cake by the fire

  • Guided ice-fishing session or ski trip by gliding snowshoes excursion, your choice 

  • Meal with desert in the wilderness hut kitchen

Points to note:

* A minimum of 2 adults or a price of 2 is required to complete this activity. 

* After the price for two adults, additional person 223€ and  children under 12 years get -50%, 111,50€

* Suitable for small groups of 2 to 4 persons.

* Booking enquiries and reservations are made by contacting us by email or via the website

* This activity is private..

* This activity starts from Siikakämä and continues to a Lompero willderness ranch (from Rovaniemi ~60 km Ranua ~50km). You will receive more detailed driving instructions upon booking confirmation. 

* Transportation must be arranged separately and is not included in the price. (Pickup and drop off from Rovaniemi at an additional cost of 90€/car)

* We offer home made food. Please also let us know in your booking if you have any dietary restrictions and if you prefer vegetarian version. 

* If you have any health restrictions, please let us know before booking.

As an additional activity, we recommend a sauna experience for this wilderness day after arriving back to the Siikakämä.. What could be better than a warm sauna after a day of outdoor activities. Ask more about this extra service.

Booking and booking enquiries

Send us a message and we will contact you shortly

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