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Our driving directions to Lompero wilderness cottage from Rovaniemi:

You going to have about 1 hour drive (~60km). We are waiting for you at the crossroads of siikakämätie and kuohungintie from which we will drive together to Lompero wilderness cottage. If we will meet you at the cottage you will receive driving instructions separately. In case of hard frosts or heavy snowfall we can also guide you to Siikakämä from where we travel together to Lompero wilderness cottage by snowmobile or by car.

Lompero wilderness cottage is located in an area where there is no address in the private wilderness. And because we are in a real wilderness environment we take into account the weather conditions of the day. So we enclose driving directions to the Lompero cottage each time separately. We are also reachable at the time of arrival by phone. 



🚗 From Rovaniemi lumberjack candle bridge you continue to direction Ranua (ROAD NUMBER 78) for 44km.


⬅️ Turn left to direction SIIKAKÄMÄ


🚗Drive siikakämäroad ~8km and ⬅️ turn left to KUOHUNGINTIE. Drive 50 meters 🛑. 


📍 You have arrived at our MEETING POINT (crossroads of siikakämätie and kuohungintie). Unless you have been informed otherwise!  



If you have been instructed to continue until to the Lompero wilderness cottage or Siikakämä, you will receive driving instructions for it separately.

Tel. +358 (0) 44 9922340

You are warmly welcomed 💙!

HoX!  Take a screen shot or print it just in case if the internet is not working on the way.

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