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Welcome to 

The Heart of Lapland- Rovaniemi

Experience the Genuine Lappish Lifestyle with Our Family. 

We Offer Private Authentic Lappish Experiences and Accomodation for Small Groups


 Spend a night in a typical Lappish wilderness cabin or in the city flat near all the services that Rovaniemi city can offer.


Participate in local activities and learn about local lifestyle. Experience the Lappish wilderness and taste resources from the local forest. 


Experience Lapland like no other. We will tailor an authentic Lapland experiences and excursions to suit your schedule and wishes all- in one  packages

What The Heart of Lapland is All About

With The Heart Of Lapland, you get to experience and participate in the authentic Lapland way of life. You will spend time with a local family who will guide you and provide special experiences in an authentic Lapland wilderness environment.

Nature friendly

At the heart of our services is nature and our close relationship with it features strongly in building materials, food and activities. The environment where we are located is a genuine private Lapland wilderness. We have been caring for the area for decades, also living as part of it. Creating a lifestyle in harmony with nature's own constraints and the challenges of the seasons. All routes and activities have been thoughtfully planned with respect and understanding for the environment. 


Our services are intended  for small, private groups. We focus on quality and authenticity.  We want to offer special Lappish experiences where all your senses can enjoy and you will experience the macgic of Lapland wilderness living.  With privacy, we ensure that our guests experience the authentic Lappish atmosphere, tranquillity, unhurriedness together with genuine lappish family. We offer holistic experiences in private settings that are hard to find elsewhere.


We are a Lappish family by our roots. For decades, we have nurtured and practiced the way of life we have learned from our ancestors. We have preserved traditional ways of doing everyday things, building and gathering food. We have a way of life in symbiosis with the surrounding nature through berry picking, hunting, herb picking, mushroom picking and fishing which our guests can experience through our designed programmes. We want to offer our own naturally sourced ingredients on the table in an environment that exudes tradition and authentic Lappish life.  


Hauska tutustua!

Hello! Nice to meet you!

We are a Lappish family with roots deep in the heart of Lapland. Over the decades, our family has created a way of life based on the eight seasons of Lapland, respecting traditions and sensitive surrounding nature. The lessons and knowledge of our ancestors have come with us and are reflected still in the way we live our lives.


Our home village for the past decades has been Siikakämä. A small village located on the outskirts of Rovaniemi. Our home is located on the northern shore of a beautiful siikakämä lake and acts as a centre of services that we provide to you.


Over the years we have built cabins in the middle of the private wilderness in the most stunning locations without neighbours, light pollution and the hustle and bustle of the city.  Our location gives us the unique privilege to offer our guests an authentic lappish wilderness and local lifestyle experiences like no other. 

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Willow, Katja, Ahti and Linnea
“We loved the activities such as ice fishing and going on the snowmobile adventure and also the lovely homemade treats."

Andy, UK

Experience The Magic Of Lapland With Us

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